Fueled by Verge
Commitment to mass adoption through Verge Currency

About this initiative
Fueled by Verge is a statement of commitment to mass adoption by educating and spreading awareness of blockchain technology and Verge Currency by the #VergeFam.
Verge Athletes
Lewis Neal Fueled by Verge


Lewis Neal

British Columbia

Lewis Neal is mainly known for football, having played in college for the Dallas Cowboys and now for the BC Lions. He now represents Verge in his sport.

But he is much more than an athlete, he is an entrepreneur who tackles challenges head on, with the same drive and dedication that he plays ball.

He is Fueled By Verge!


Manny Pacquiao Foundation


Named and founded on behalf of future Hall of Fame Boxer Manny Pacquiao, The Manny Pacquiao Foundation seeks to empower communities and individuals through charitable support and a message of hope and change.

Manny and his wife, Jinkee, have long supported local communities throughout their careers by building over 1,000 residential homes, aiding in natural disaster relief efforts, covering hospital bills and expenses, and providing food and resources to the hungry.

Through their foundation, the hope is to continue serving such causes in a greater capacity.

Manny Pacquiao Foundation Fueled by Verge
eSports Fueled by Verge

eSports - Racing

Upstate Racing League

New York

The 2019-2020 Late Model Pro Series will be sponsored by Verge, and will coincide with a new era of racing. After 8 seasons of the Late Model, the Series will now use the Super Late Model.

Some races will allow tire changes which will provide for more strategy and drama to play out. Other changes include a new format with random draw heat racing for all races. Fields will be set to a hard 26 drivers.

Top 20 from heats will automatically transfer into the main feature of the night.


Gil Linster

Luxembourg / North Carolina

Gil is a race car driver and Verge supporter.

In 2017, he became the first ever Luxembourgish NASCAR driver while driving the number 44 race car from Caal Racing team in the Whelen Euro Series, and ended his first season in 9th place overall.

More recently, Gill moved to the USA and is now racing in the NASCAR Carolina Pro Late Model Series.

Verge and Gil are both ready to tackle mass adoption and spread its awareness and education through racing.

Gil Linster Fueled by Verge
Danny Robertson Fueled by Verge


Danny Robertson

Calgary, Canada

Danny is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Although he is only 12 years old, he has an extraordinary 8 years of racing experience. He can be found training regularly, and has the potential to become a legend in the motocross world, like Ricky Carmichael or Jeremy McGrath.

Danny is one of our youngest community members who believes in privacy and the Verge vision, and wants to help the younger generation acknowledge cryptocurrencies by covering his bike with the Verge brand. He does not get any compensation for doing so, but sees it as his contribution to bringing awareness and adoption - he was the initial inspiration for the Fueled by Verge movement.

Fueled by Verge is a community at large initiative, reflecting the main goal of Verge
It is a worldwide effort from individuals excelling in their unique fields, masters of their crafts, sharing their achievements. With this, we can build awareness and educate what Verge and blockchain technology is all about.
The goal of #FueledByVerge is to showcase the utility of Verge through events by its community. Our Verge Currency team is the first team that is "Fueled by Verge" in both design and spirit.

FbV wants to showcase the strength and community of Verge by helping Sponsored individuals, thus bringing increased awareness of Verge Currency in general.

FbV also wishes to help people by promoting their events and achievements. This will allow them to gain more support as an individual or team from the project they believe in. FbV will promote their bios, event schedules, and how to find them. All of this will be done to increase media presence and brand awareness.