Binary (pre-compiled) wallets are available on all platforms at VergeCurrency.com.

Note: Important! Only download pre-compiled wallets from the official Verge website or official Github repos.
Note: For a fresh wallet install you can reduce the blockchain syncing time by downloading a nightly snapshot and following the setup instructions.

Nightly snapshothttps://verge-blockchain.com/down
Setup instructionshttps://verge-blockchain.com/howto

Windows Wallet Usage

  1. Download the pre-compiled software.
  2. Install
  3. In windows file explorer, open c:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\VERGE (be sure to change XXX to your windows user)
  4. Right click and create a new file verge.txt
  5. Edit the file to have the following contents (be sure to change the password)
  6. Save and close the file
  7. Rename the file to verge.conf
  8. Start the VERGE-qt program.
  9. Open up VERGE-qt console and run getinfo (or getmininginfo) to verify settings.
    Note: You must re-start the wallet after making changes to verge.conf.

OS X Wallet Usage

  1. Download the pre-compiled software.
  2. Double click the DMG
  3. Drag the Verge-Qt to your Applications folder
  4. Double click the Verge-Qt application to open it.
  5. Go grab a ☕️ while it syncs with the blockchain
  6. Note: It may look like it is frozen or hung while it is indexing and syncing the blockchain. It's not. It's chugging away, but currently the UI doesn't give you a lot of feedback on status. We're working to fix that. Syncing takes a while to complete (ie. > 10 minutes or more) so just be patient.
  7. Note: If you want to change your configuration the file is located at ~/Library/Application\ Support\VERGE\VERGE.conf. This isn't required by default.

Linux Wallet

  1. Compile using linux instructions.
  2. The wallet GUI is in ./verge/src/qt and the daemon in ./verge/src.
  3. Optional - the binaries to your favorite location. for use by all users, run the following commands:
    sudo cp src/VERGEd /usr/bin/
    sudo cp src/qt/VERGE-qt /usr/bin/
    Run ./VERGEd from wherever you put it. The output from this command will tell you that you need to make a VERGE.conf file and will suggest some good starting values.
    Open up your new config file that was created in your home directory in your favorite text editor
    nano ~/.VERGE/VERGE.conf
    Paste the output from the VERGEd command into the VERGE.conf like this: (It is recommended to change the password to something unique.)
  4. Save the file and exit your editor. If using nano type ctrl + x on your keyboard and the y and hitting enter. This should have created a VERGE.conf file with what you just added.
  5. Start the Verge daemon again

Note: To check the status of how much of the blockchain has been downloaded (aka synced) type ./path/to/VERGEd getinfo.
Note: If you see something like 'Killed (program cc1plus)' run dmesg to see the error(s)/problems(s). This is most likely caused by running out of resources. You may need to add some RAM or add some swap space.

You can also check out this Linux Wallet Video Tutorial.

Building From Source

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