A roadmap with great features to come.
Join us while we're still growing!

As an open-source community and volunteer-driven project, our roadmap is meant as a general guideline for how we are developing Verge into one of the best cryptocurrency options out there.

In the spirit of transparency and in good faith to the community, we want this roadmap to be made public. However, please keep in mind that this roadmap is subject to change based on priorities, unplanned developments and new ideas.

  • Core Wallet 4.0 Release Stage 2

    Tor Integration & Optional Stealth Addressing
    1st January 2018
  • New website

    New look, guides, updated roadmap, list of official core members, blog with official news, mobile friendly
    24th March 2018
  • First Verge Meetup

    First verge meetup in Netherlands, Amsterdam
    9th June 2018
  • BlackPaper Version 5.0

    5th revision of the BlackPaper
    17th January 2019
  • Merchandise Online Store

    Verge branded apparel that can be purchased with XVG and BTC.
    11th April 2019
  • Official iOS wallet

    iOS wallet with full-fledged feature set like a normal wallet.
    23rd April 2019
  • Rebased Codebase

    Rebasing the entire codebase to include the newest standards shared by bitcoin.
    16th May 2019
  • Mining Update

    XVGui Miner for Windows, Official Mining Pool & Mining Guide

    80% - Work in progress

  • Desktop Wallet

    Electron based wallet with better performance and minimalistic UI design

    85% - Preparing release

  • RingCT Integration

    Ring Confidential Transactions - advanced masking of transaction amounts

    45% - Work in progress

  • RSK

    RSK Smart Contract Integration

    25% - Investigating integration

  • Official Android wallet update

    Freshly redesigned wallet to match our corporate design and feature set.

    15% - Work in progress