Join the VERGE Currency Steam Community!
VERGE Steam group!

then go to where it says "enter chat room"

and then click the vergetips bot, and send it a message, with +help, or any other command =]

vergetips steam bot commands:

+register - Notify the bot that you exist. You will receive a deposit address that is locked to your account.

+deposit - Display deposit address

+balance - Check the amount of XVG in your account

+history - Display your current balance and a list of your 10 most recent transactions

+withdraw (ADDRESS) (AMOUNT|all) xvg - Withdraw funds in your account to the specified address

+tip (STEAM NAME|STEAM COMMUNITY URL) (AMOUNT|all) xvg (+verify) - Send a Steam user a tip. People who aren't

registered with the bot will be sent a friend request. If +verify is added, the bot will send a message confirming

the tip to the group chat.

+version - Current bot version

+help - Help dialog with these commands

our steam group chat is relayed with our freenode and i2p chat server channels, so everyone can talk back n forth!

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