here's a tutorial on how to access i2p sites like exchanged.i2p or the VERGE i2p web wallet:

1) Download i2P for your platform.

2) after it's installed, start it! use the icon that says Start i2P (no window)

3) open your favorite browser (we prefer firefox) and set your proxy to port 4444 (see bottom of page if you cant figure out where to set proxy)

4) put exchanged.i2p or http://ylmulgfskl6uiwac4hw4ecwqdzd3oxtwaemzj25zc6k5q4rkexra.b32.i2p/ (for the exchange) as the URL and hit enter. to access the i2p web wallet, just put http://vhne4ia27avp7gtyltlj3fumq6ps343vap3gy3zqs7gj4yp2mbdq.b32.i2p/ instead!

5) you're done! just make an account like you would anywhere else.

a few notes:

if the site doesnt show up, try waiting a few minutes, sometimes i2p takes a while to start up, especially if its the first time.

although this service is on an anonymous network, it has been up for almost a year, and members of our community have tested it, including myself, and it works great.

the admin, abyss, hangs out in our VERGE i2p irc relay chat, but can read and talk to members in our VERGE freenode irc chat via a relay service we provide.